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Comparative Study on Blastocyst Rate and Pregnancy Rate at Different Ages

by Shawkea USA |

Year Range: Year 2012 to Year 2018

Respondent: 726 infertility patients

Treatment Site:Hanabusa Women clinic, Kobe Japan

Group who takes Shawkea products: 484 Patients:

(Recommended:Shawkea T-1 9 capsules per day, Pine Knot Extract 6 capsules per day)

Group who did not take Shawkea products: 242 patients:

Conclusion:Patients who are taking Shawkea products during IVF cycle could significantly improve blastocyst rate and pregnancy rate.



Time to Get the Blastocysts at Different Ages:

time to get blastocysts

Time to Get Pregnancy at Different Ages: