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Stress and Male Infertility

by Shawkea USA |

It is almost impossible to live a stress-free life in modern society. Stress that comes from work and interpersonal relationships can be overwhelming, and infertility, unfortunately, adds more stressors to many people’s lives. Today, we will discuss some issues in regards to men's mental stress and male infertility.

Men Are More Sensitive Than Expected

Have you heard of opportunistic erectile dysfunction? The "opportunity" mentioned here refers to a method of sexual activity on the day of ovulation to improve the chance of conception. Opportunistic erectile dysfunction refers to male erectile dysfunction (ED) that occurs during sexual activity on the day of ovulation.

Opportunistic erectile dysfunction is both unexpected and a very common situation. Many people will repeatedly enter the vicious circle of failure to seize the opportunity on the day of ovulation to have intercourse → loss of self-confidence → mental stress → negative impact on erectile function and so on. It can be helpful by taking some medication or supplements to assist erectile function, or adopting artificial insemination to liberate men from the stress of performing at the exact time of ovulation. Also, to the female partner must show understanding and support. Male infertility can bruise their ego, self-image and self-esteem. They desire respect, understanding, support, and a little romance.

Mental Stress and Sperm Quality

Like age, smoking and other factors, studies have shown that mental stress can reduce the quality of sperm. Although the mechanism of the effect of mental stress on sperm quality has not been fully revealed, it is generally believed  as mental stress increases, the secretion of male hormones will decrease, and the oxidative stress and damage of the testes will increase, which together lowers sperm quality. Men suffering from mental stress are also susceptible to poor sleep quality, and it has been widely accepted that sleep quality is correlated to the sperm quality and quantity. Therefore, it can be considered that poor sleep quality caused by mental stress is also one of the reasons for poor sperm quality.

What You Can Do to Reduce Stress

In modern day life, many people inevitably and unconsciously accumulate stress daily. To maintain mental health, it is very important to learn how to reduce the stress by yourself. The following methods will be beneficial to reduce stress:

  • Exercise daily
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Openly communicate with your peers, friends, spouse, etc.
  • Give yourself enough time to meet deadlines and stop procrastinating.

Even though male infertility is a private and sensitive topic for many men to discuss with others, it is important for male patients to understand that by acknowledging your needs and reaching out for help, you will significantly lower your stress levels and be one step closer to success.