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  • Introduction of Shawkea T-1

    Our product and brand originated in Japan. The research began in Japan in 1992 and was put onto the market in 1998. It has been a hot-selling product in Japan for the past 20 years. In Japan, more than 2,000 pharmacies, hospitals, and over 47 counties are recommending this product to patients. But the production base has always been in China. In 2015, this product entered the Chinese market under high demand. Both Japanese and domestic products are produced on the same production line.

    Shawkea T-1 is proud to be chosen as the designated herbal supplement by the largest IVF center in Japan. Its ingredients are extracted from dandelion, green tea, and coix seed. They are pure natural products without any additives. The main function is to regulate hormone levels, improve ovarian function, optimize quality of eggs, and thus improve blastocyst formation rate and pregnancy success rate. It can be safely taken during the entire pregnancy.

  • What are the effects of Shawkea products?

    The following are some of the functions/benefits of Shawkea T-1:

    Preparing for pregnancy:

    1. It effectively balances the hypothalamic hormone secretion. At the same time, it increases the sensitivity of hormone receptors.

    2. It increases the number of granular cells around the egg so that it improves the active level of mitochondria. It improves the quality of the egg and improves the condition of the ovary to prevent it from premature ovarian failure.

    3. It promotes blood circulation to increase body temperature.

    4. It contains amino sugars that can facilitate and guide embryo implantation. This will improve pregnancy success rates.

    5. By regulating hormone levels it helps improve sperm motility and reduces sperm deformity.

    During pregnancy:

    It helps balance hormone secretion, and purifies amniotic fluid thus preventing complications.


    By regulating prolactin secretion, together with the detox effect, it helps the mother produce healthy milk to feed the baby.

  • How to take Shawkea T-1?

    A. Basic Dosage:

    If you are under the age of 34, the hormone values are normal within the range of FSH<8, AMH>2.

    Usage: It is recommended to take 9 capsules of Shawkea T-1 per day.

    B. Medium Dosage:

    If you are between the ages of 35 to 39, the hormone values are within the range of FSH: 8~12, AMH: 0.8~2.

    Usage: It is recommended to take 12 capsules of Shawkea T-1 per day.

    C. Increased Dosage:

    For people who are over the age of 40, and/or diagnosed with premature ovarian failure: Usage: It is recommended to take 15 capsules of Shawkea T-1 per day.

    *Recommended time: Take it half an hour before eating breakfast and lunch. At night take it one hour before bed. Store at room temperature.

  • Using Shawkea T-1, how soon will I notice some positive change?

    Since each person differs, the time for this product to take effect is never the same. Considering the egg growth cycle being approximately 90 days, patients are suggested to take this product in courses. Each course of treatment is three months.

    According to data collected from the past 20 years, many women improved within two months. For example, there was an increased temperature in hands and feet, menstruation cycles became normal, menstrual cramping reduced, increased secretion, etc.

    In addition to these observable improvements, extensive clinical data collected during the past 20 years proved that this product benefits the body in many ways. For example, it increases the number of egg granular cells and increases hormone receptor sensitivity. This is why this product has been a best-seller for more than 20 years in thousands of pharmacies and reproductive centers all over Japan.

  • Does it cause frequent urination?

    Many who have been using this product reported to have frequent urination symptoms. Therefore, having more frequent urination after taking Shawkea is normal and expected. It helps accelerate body metabolism and bring more health benefits. In Japan, women in their late stages of pregnancy would use this product to prevent edema. There is no need to worry about frequent urination. If it comes to a severe condition, we suggest taking it two hours before going to sleep. .

  • Will Shawkea T-1 cause increased defecation?

    Occasionally we get feedback that there is increased defecation after using this product. The main cause of this effect is that T-1 promotes bile secretion. We have published the research results in journal.. Improved bile secretion increases bowel movements and, this effect equals detoxification. Usually, it will stop within one week. According to other related reported patients who have this kind of response appear to have improved egg quality. Therefore, it’s safe to continue using this product.

  • Will Shawkea T-1 lengthen/shorten menstruation cycles?

    Some reports show that after using Shawkea T-1, the menstruation cycle changes. For those who usually have a 24-26 day cycle, their cycles were delayed. However, someone with a normal menstrual cycle may also experience delayed cycles. This is a normal regulatory response, especially for people with poor ovarian function and poor pituitary sensitivity. For example, the delayed menstrual period is a sign that the ovaries need to rest and is a positive time. Usually, menstrual cycles will not be delayed for more than two weeks, and cycle frequency usually stabilizes no more than 3-4 months after the use of Shawkea T-1. Nervousness can affect the endocrine system, and therefore affects the menstrual cycle.

    Change in the amount and color of menstrual bleeding is commonly seen in the early stage of treatment. Heavier menses suggests improved uterine circulation and smoother shedding of the endometrial lining.

    n rare cases, people develop acne after using Shawkea. It can be normal due to hormone regulation as a response to Shawkea. The good news is that it will not last long. Symptom disappears once the body adjusts to the change brought by Shawkea.

  • Will my hormone levels have sudden negative impact by Shawkea(for example, high FSH), after I take it for a while?

    Shawkea T-1 directly acts on pituitary gland, balances hormone secretion, and is helpful for improving ovarian function. It will not cause negative impact to reproductive hormones. With numerous clinical data, as well as 20 years of selling history in Japan’s major pharmacies and fertility centers, this product is proven for its safety and efficacy. The main effect of this product is to regulate hormone balance and to increase hormone receptors’ sensitivity. Therefore, after taking this product, most patients have a better FSH value. The higher FSH value usually indicates that hormone receptors are less active.

    In order to find out the real reason for certain undesirable hormonal change (such as sudden increase of FSH in one month), please first rule out the reasons below:

    Did you recently have any long-distance travel by air which caused jet-lag and fatigue? Are you currently busier and under more stress than in the past?

    Are you experiencing emotional stress (such as depression or anxiety) due to a change in life?

    These are common reasons for hormonal change. FSH level is not constant and varies from month to month. It is recommended to find out the root cause, stay in a peaceful mind, make positive adjustment to your lifestyle and daily schedule, and keep monitoring hormone levels for a few months.

  • Isn’t dandelion cold by nature?

    The active ingredient in Shawkea T-1 is a dandelion extract. It is not equivalent to the efficacy of dandelion itself. T-1 does not contain any elements to cause a decrease in body temperature; on the contrary, it enables the body to produce more heat. According to a patient questionnaire report, conducted by the Health Center of the Hanabusa Women’s Clinic in Japan, 70% of the patients reported that the immediate physical change is an increase in body temperature after taking T-1. The main reason is that T-1 promotes capillary blood circulation. When the blood successfully flows throughout the entire body, the body naturally produces more heat.

  • The raw material used in making Shawkea T-1 is dandelion. Is it the same as an ordinary dandelion?

    Dandelion is used in making Chinese herbal medicine since it’s cold by nature. It is effective in reducing internal heat and detoxifying the body. There is a different method used in making this product. The active ingredient in the product is extracted from dandelion and turned into an amino sugar chain component. After taking it, the body will be able to produce more heat. It has many biological functions such as regulating hormone balance, increasing receptors’ sensitivity levels and improving the quality of sperm and eggs. Therefore this product is not the same as an ordinary dandelion.

  • Whether the Shawkea T-1 can be taken with other Chinese herbal medicines?

    Theoretically Shawkea T-1 can be taken with any other medications or supplements without compromising its efficacy. However, because it is similar to Traditional Chinese Medicines, it is recommended to take 1 hour apart from other medications or supplements.

  • Can Shawkea T-1 be taken together with DHEA?

    Shawkea T-1 can be taken together with DHEA. Even though DHEA is known for enhancing cell activity, but please be cautious that long-term use of DHEA may lead to an increase in androgen, and high androgen negatively impacts egg development. Therefore, please consult your doctor, use DHEA cautiously, and closely monitor you androgen levels.

  • Can diabetic patients take Shawkea T-1?

    If you are a diabetic patient, Shawkea T-1 is even better for you, especially if you take it consistently. Take it 30 minutes after each meal, your insulin dependency situation can be improved. Long term use of Shawkea is able to control diabetic symptoms and alleviate diabetic complications (such as kidney damage, edema, visual disturbances). In Japan, pharmacists recommend pregnant women taking Shawkea to prevent gestational diabetes.

  • Is Shawkea T-1 a dietary supplement?

    In Japan, Shawkea T-1 is categorized as functional food. Japan’s food and drug testing are known to be the strictest in the world. This product is currently sold in the U.S., Japan, China, and other countries. In China, more and more doctors recommend this product to patients. This product belongs to a food category in China, so it is very safe to consume. In the U.S..

  • What are the effects of Shawkea Pine Knot Extract?

    Main functions/benefits of Shawkea Pine Knot Extract include the following:

    1. It improves uterine blood circulation. This significantly improves the condition of adenomyosis and chocolate cysts. Since this product is warm by nature, uterine coldness can be significantly reduced.

    2. Pine knot is full of antioxidants. It resists radical polymerization and improves sperm motility. It effectively decreases inflammation in the reproductive system.

    3. It is clinically proven to reduce anticardiolipin antibodies, antithrombosis, prevent platelet aggregation, and miscarriage. Though it works the same as aspirin, there are some key differences. When aspirin takes effect, it reduces body temperature, which isn’t good for pregnancy. Pine Knot Extract is warm and gentle and neutralizes bodily coldness.

    4. Taking Pine Knot Extract promotes serotonin secretion, which contributes to our wellbeing and happiness. Serotonin can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. The final component of Pine Knot Extract is in an enteric coating, which means it absorbs easily in the stomach. Therefore this product should not be taken on an empty stomach. It is suggested that patients should take this product half an hour after a meal with plenty of water.

    Pine Knot Extract can cause excessive internal body heat: Since Pine Knot Extract is warm by nature, it promotes blood circulation. Patients, especially those who are preconditioned with an internal heat condition, can show symptoms of having excessive internal body heat. Fortunately, it can be eased by drinking more water and adjusting the dosage. After the body adapted to the nature of this product you can increase the dosage to the recommended amount.

  • How to take Pine Knot Extract?

    A. Basic Dosage:

    Under the age of 35:

    6 capsules per day, and 2 capsules each morning, noon and evening

    B. Medium Dosage:

    Between the ages of 35-40 years old:

    9 capsules daily, and 3 capsules each morning, noon and night

    C. Increased Dosage:

    Aged 40 and above:

    12 capsules daily, and 4 capsules each morning, noon and night

    *Take it half an hour after each meal.

    * During embryo transfer cycle, dosage can be increased to 12-15 capsules / day.

    *A friendly reminder: This product is suitable for taking at any time. During the menstrual cycle, Pine Knot Extract can be used normally. It helps the shedding of the old endometrium and improves metabolism.

  • Can Pine Knot Extract help adenomyosis?

    Yes. Adenomyosis is caused by poor blood circulation inside the endometrium. Pine Knot Extract promotes the blood circulation and inhibits the growth of adenomyosis.

  • Can Pine Knot Extract thicken the endometrium?

    No, using Pine Knot Extract does not thicken the endometrium. It adjusts the endometrium to a condition suitable for transplantation. For those who have a very thick endometrium should use this product because it can cause poor blood flow. One of the main effects of Pine Knot Extract is to promote blood circulation.

  • How long should one take Pine Knot Extract?

    Taking Pine Knot Extract can inhibit the secretion of prostaglandins and prevent pre-mature uterine contractions. It also takes effect by preventing miscarriages. After implantation is confirmed, it is recommended to continue using Pine Knot Extract for 12 weeks.

    All main ingredients of Pine Knot Extract are from natural products and have no known side effects to the body. However, because this product suppresses uterine contraction, it is recommended to take it until about two to three months before the due date. This way, your delivery will not be impacted.

  • Is Shawkea product helpful for men?

    Taking T-1 is also helpful for men. The best sperm is acquired after 2-3 days of abstinence. Oxidation starts after 48 hours, and there will be deformities after oxidation. By regulating hormone levels, this product improves sperm motility and reduces sperm deformity rate.

    Pine Knot Extract has an antioxidant effect for men and improves sperm survival rate.

  • Is Shawkea product safe?

    Shawkea T-1 has been tested regularly for 630 pesticide residues without any negative reactions. After a series of toxicity tests, no adverse effects were ever found on the liver, kidneys, or the other organs. The findings also proved that there were no adverse effects on germ cells, so it does not cause any deformity. The Pine Knot Extract capsule contains pure collagen, and hot water dissolves the capsule coating very quickly. .

  • What are the features and functions of the Shawkea Moxibustion device?

    1. Promotes blood circulation and relieves mental anxiety.

    2. Improves sleep quality releases chronic fatigue and used as a treatment for insomnia.

    3. Relieves dizziness, headaches, and relieves symptoms of the cold autoinflammatory syndrome.

    4. Adjusts hormone balances improves endometrium environment and uterine blood flow.

    5. Improves ovarian function and improves egg quality.

  • What is the temperature control range?

    The temperature range of the Shawkea i-Moxi moxibustion device is always controlled between 50 ± 5 celsius degrees. This temperature range is the most suitable for women preparing to become pregnant. Eggs will be damaged when the temperature is too high.

  • Does it have a smell? What is the moxibustion stick made of? How long is the burning time?

    Shawkea i-Moxi is smokeless and odorless. It is made of carbonized wormwood mixed with pine knot and cinnamon extract. These materials are ideal for heat penetration and absorbed into acupoints.

  • Can Shawkea T-1, Shawkea Pine Knot Extract, and Shawkea Moxibustion be used during menstrual period?

    These Shawkea products can be used at any time, including the time of menses. Shawkea alleviates menstrual cramping; Pine Knot Extract and Shawkea Moxibustion help old endometrial lining shed smoothly and improve metabolism (which is critical for new lining development in the following cycle and successful pregnancy).

  • I am about to have embryo transfer, should I stop taking Shawkea product?

    No. It is recommended to continue taking Shawkea products. Many patients failed IVF multiple times with unknown reason, but then conceived naturally after only a few months use of our products. In these cases, these patients likely had uterine issues that negatively impacted their embryo implantation. One of the most important functions of Shawkea T-1 is to optimize micro-circulation. In addition, Shawkea contains a sugar chain component that guides the implantation process of a fertilized egg.

    Shawkea Pine Knot Extract effectively removes microscopic clots in the blood vessels and improves the endometrial environment. In cases where endometrial basal layer damage not caused by abortion or curettage, Shawkea Pine Knot Extract increases emdometrium thickness and quality effectively. For pregnant women, T-1 inhibits the secretion of prostaglandins that may cause premature uterine contractions.

    This is why many obstetricians in Japan recommend patients taking Shawkea T-1 and Pine Knot Extract during the entire pregnancy. In addition to having a high-quality embryo, another key factor for a successful pregnancy is the uterine environment.