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  • Introduction of Shawkea T-1

    Shawkea T-1 and Shawkea Pine Knot Extract are products from Japan and have been one of the best-selling fertility supplement in Japan for more than 20 years. The manufacturer is located in Shandong Province, China.

    Shawkea T-1 is proud to be chosen as the designated herbal supplement by the largest IVF center in Japan. Its ingredients are extracted from dandelion, black ants, green tea, and coix seed. They are pure natural products without any additives. The main function is to regulate hormone levels, improve ovarian function, optimize quality of eggs, and thus improve blastocyst formation rate and pregnancy success rate. It can be safely taken during the entire pregnancy.

  • Using Shawkea T-1, how soon will I notice some positive change?

    The impact of T-1 vary depending on multiple factors, including patient’s age and physical condition. Egg quality cannot be improved overnight. The growth cycle of an egg is about 90 days, so it is recommended to take Shawkea for a minimum of 3 months, which is considered as one course of the treatment. According to the feedback from our users over the past 20 years, many people, after taking Shawkea for 2 months, have noticed significant symptom improvement in these areas: warmer extremities, normalized menstrual cycles, less painful menstrual period, and increased cervical secretions. The most important therapeutic effects of Shawkea are the increase of the number of egg granulosa cells and the increase of hormone receptors sensitivity. Different form the symptom improvement, these aspects are difficult to be noticed by patients, but scientific studies provide the proof.

  • Will my hormone levels have sudden negative impact by Shawkea(for example, high FSH), after I take it for a while?

    Shawkea T-1 directly acts on pituitary gland, balances hormone secretion, and is helpful for improving ovarian function. It will not cause negative impact to reproductive hormones. With numerous clinical data, as well as 20 years of selling history in Japan’s major pharmacies and fertility centers, this product is proven for its safety and efficacy.

    In order to find out the real reason for certain undesirable hormonal change (such as sudden increase of FSH in one month), please first rule out the reasons below:

    Did you recently have any long-distance travel by air which caused jet-lag and fatigue? Are you currently busier and under more stress than in the past?

    Are you experiencing emotional stress (such as depression or anxiety) due to a change in life?

    These are common reasons for hormonal change. FSH level is not constant and varies from month to month. It is recommended to find out the root cause, stay in a peaceful mind, make positive adjustment to your lifestyle and daily schedule, and keep monitoring hormone levels for a few months.

  • Whether the Shawkea T-1 can be taken with other Chinese herbal medicines?

    Theoretically Shawkea T-1 can be taken with any other medications or supplements without compromising its efficacy. However, because it is similar to Traditional Chinese Medicines, it is recommended to take 1 hour apart from other medications or supplements.

  • Can Shawkea T-1 be taken together with DHEA?

    Shawkea T-1 can be taken together with DHEA. Even though DHEA is known for enhancing cell activity, but please be cautious that long-term use of DHEA may lead to an increase in androgen, and high androgen negatively impacts egg development. Therefore, please consult your doctor, use DHEA cautiously, and closely monitor you androgen levels.

  • Can diabetic patients take Shawkea T-1?

    If you are a diabetic patient, Shawkea T-1 is even better for you, especially if you take it consistently. Take it 30 minutes after each meal, your insulin dependency situation can be improved. Long term use of Shawkea is able to control diabetic symptoms and alleviate diabetic complications (such as kidney damage, edema, visual disturbances). In Japan, pharmacists recommend pregnant women taking Shawkea to prevent gestational diabetes.

  • Can Shawkea T-1, Shawkea Pine Knot Extract, and Shawkea Moxibustion be used during menstrual period?

    These Shawkea products can be used at any time, including the time of menses. Shawkea alleviates menstrual cramping; Pine Knot Extract and Shawkea Moxibustion help old endometrial lining shed smoothly (which is critical for new lining development in the following cycle and successful pregnancy).

  • Common responses after taking Shawkea

    1. Many people taking Shawkea have experienced frequent urination. It is normal due to the supplement’s diuretic effect. Pregnant women in Japan use Shawkea to prevent edema or excessive fluid accumulation. Proper acceleration of metabolism (including urination) is beneficial to the body. For your comfort and convenience, you can take Shawkea 2 hours before going to bed to avoid frequent restroom trips at night.

    2. Occasionally, patients have feedback regarding increased bowel movement after taking Shawkea T-1. The main reason is that T-1 promotes bile secretion, which is elaborated in one of our published academic article. Bile promotes bowel movements and increases the amount and frequency of defecation. It is considered a detoxification process and symptom usually stops within a week.

    3.Your menstruation pattern may be changed by Shawkea. If you have a menstrual cycle of 24-26 days, your cycle may be postponed, which is desirable. However, if you have a normal cycle, your cycle may be postponed too as a result of taking Shawkea. Please do not worry because this can be your body’s normal regulatory response. For people with poor ovarian function, the pituitary gland is poor in its sensitivity. When the pituitary gland begins to correctly receive response from the ovary, it will start making adjustment accordingly. For example, the delayed menstrual cycle indicates that the ovary needs some time for rest, which is a positive feedback of the ovary to the pituitary gland. The delay of menses is typically only up to two weeks. Also, regular menstruation should resume in less than three to four months of using Shawkea.

    Change in the amount and color of menstrual bleeding is commonly seen in the early stage of treatment. Heavier menses suggests improved uterine circulation and smoother shedding of the endometrial lining.

    4.In rare cases, people develop acne after using Shawkea. It can be normal due to hormone regulation as a response to Shawkea. The good news is that it will not last long. Symptom disappears once the body adjusts to the change brought by Shawkea.

  • I am about to have embryo transfer, should I stop taking Shawkea product?

    No. It is recommended to continue taking Shawkea products. Many patients failed IVF multiple times with unknown reason, but then conceived naturally after only a few months use of our products. In these cases, an implantation issue is suspected. One of the most important functions of Shawkea T-1 is to optimize micro-circulation. In addition, Shawkea contains a carbohydrate chain component that guides the implantation process of a fertilized egg. Shawkea Pine Knot Extract effectively removes microscopic clots in the blood vessels and improves the endometrial environment. In cases where endometrial basal layer damage not caused by abortion or curettage, Shawkea Pine Knot Extract increases emdometrium thickness and quality effectively. Lastly, by inhibiting prostagladins, Shawkea Pine Knot Extract prevents premature uterine contractions in pregnant women. This is why many obstetricians in Japan recommend patients taking Shawkea T-1 and Pine Knot Extract during the entire pregnancy.