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Shawkea T-1

  • Shawkea T-1 is the most popular and effective fertility supplement in Japan
  • Shawkea T-1 was developed by renown fertility doctor Dr. Shawkea and has been backed by extensive scientific research
  • Improves egg and sperm quality and optimizes uterine condition for pregnancy
  • Restores hormonal balance and helps to control with PCOS and uterine fibroids
  • Known for effectiveness and safety

    The number-one selling fertility supplement in Japan is now available in the United States! Shawkea T-1 increases the capacity and sensitivity of reproductive hormone receptors, improves the quality and quantity of eggs and sperm and helps create an optimal uterine environment for fertilization. Comprised of Dandelion extract and Coxi Seed, Shawkea T-1 was developed by Dr. Shawkea during his PhD research at Osaka University.

    Shawkea T-1 can be used effectively during various stages of the reproductive cycle:

    Prior to pregnancy, Shawkea T-1 can regulate and balance hormone secretion and improve egg and sperm quality. It contains sugar-locking ingredients, which can guide the implantation of the fertilized egg.

    During pregnancy, Shawkea T-1 can promote blood circulation, ensure the nutritional supply for mother and fetus and purify amniotic fluid in order to prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension. Shawkea T-1 can also be taken with Pine Knot Extract. And after childbirth, Shawkea T-1 can help regulate prolactin and breastfeeding.

    For more scientific studies about this supplement, please read here.

    Basic Dosage:

    Under the age of 34, the hormone values are normal within the range of(FSH<8, AMH>2)
    Usage: It is recommended to take 9 capsules of Shawkea T-1 per day.

    Medium Dosage:
    Age between 35 to 39, the hormone values are within the range of (8<FSH<12, 0.8<AMH<2)
    Usage: It is recommended to take 12 capsules of Shawkea T-1 per day.

    Increased Dosage:
    For people who is above the age of 40, or people diagnosed with premature ovarian failure
    Usage: It is recommended to take 15 capsules of Shawkea T-1 per day.

    According to the female egg development cycle, this product is a course of taking for 3 months. Due to individual differences, there might be some changes in menstrual flow, menstrual cycle, menstrual color, etc. at the beginning of taking Shawkea T-1. These changes are positive feedbacks from the body.


      Shawkea T-1

      Shawkea T-1