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Comparative Study on Blastocyst and Pregnancy Rate at Different Ages

by Shawkea USA |

Year Range: Year 2012 to Year 2019

Group who takes Shawkea products: 725 Patients
(Recommended:Shawkea T-1 9 capsules per day, Pine Knot Extract 6 capsules per day)

Group who did not take Shawkea products: 335 patients

Note:*There are 75 people under the age of 29, because the number is relatively small, this time it is not included in the statistics, and will continue to follow the statistics in the future. *1060 patients' data are all from Hanabusa Women's Clinic in Japan with the same variables, which ensures the consistency of the data.

Shawkea_blastocyst rate and pregnancy rate chart

blastocyst and pregnancy rate

time to get the blastocysts at different ages

time to get pregnancy at different ages