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My Ten-Year Fertility Treatment Journey

by Shawkea USA |

My pregnancy is indeed a miracle! I had one miscarriage, bilateral chocolate cysts, and attempted IVF one time but failed. Out of everyone’s expectation, my ten-year fertility treatment journey ended up with a natural twin pregnancy when I was 38 years old.


My natural miscarriage happened in 2000. From then until 2004, I failed to get pregnant. To find out the reason for my infertility, I had a series of tests done in hospitals in China, and I was diagnosed with bilateral chocolate cysts. Even after a laparoscopic cyst removal surgery, I still did not get pregnant. Starting in 2008, I was treated for two years by a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor but failed to see positive results. In 2011, I was treated by another famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor for about a year. However, my chocolate cysts came back in 2012. Although the cysts were not large, I noticed little improvement in my overall health in the past 3 years using traditional Chinese medicines. Therefore, I decided to try IVF in China during May of 2013. What I did was 1st generation IVF. Three eggs were retrieved but failed to fertilize. When I found out the outcome of that IVF cycle, I realized how difficult it is for me to get pregnant, and I felt frustrated, hurt, and lost.


On a random occasion, I told my college friend about my struggle of getting pregnant, and I learned from her that fertility technologies in Japan were very advanced. I also learned that she had a difficult time getting pregnant initially, but naturally conceived with the help of Shawkea T-1 and Shawkea Pine Knot Extract, the famous fertility herbal products in Japan. I immediately asked her to buy some for me. Later, I found out that this product can be purchased in China, so I started purchasing directly. I was glad that the herbal supplement instructor gave me detailed medical recommendations and suggested my husband and I use the product for at least one course, which is 3 months, prior to going to Japan for IVF treatment. The herbal supplement instructor later became my best friend and counselor through our frequent communication. After the first two months of using Shawkea T-1 and Shawkea Pine Knot Extract, I noticed some obvious changes of my physical conditions: My cycle day 3 hormone levels got closer to normal; my menses became more regular; the color of my menstrual blood turned from dark brown to bright red; my follicles were found nice and round via ultrasound exams. Surprisingly, the re-occurred chocolate cyst disappeared after I finished taking the 3rd month of Shawkea.


Originally, I planned to go to Japan during March of 2014 for IVF treatment, but right before that, I found out that I was pregnant naturally! When I saw the two lines on the pregnancy testing strip, my heart and my hands were all shaking. It was too good to be true, so I did multiple tests immediately after to confirm the results. The second day I had a blood test at a local hospital and officially confirmed pregnancy. The surprise did not end there. Later when I had my first OB ultrasound, I found out that I was pregnant with twins! I could not wait to share the exciting news with my supplement instructor. She was so happy for me, but she also warned me of the risks of gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes due to my advanced age and my twin pregnancy. Following Shawkea instructor’s advice, I’ve been eating small frequent meals, doing light exercise every day and continued to use Shawkea T-1 and Shawkea Pine Knot to promote renal micro-circulation and lower the burden of kidneys during pregnancy.

I cannot thank Shawkea enough for making my dream of becoming a mother comes true! I hope Shawkea will be able to help more women like me.