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How to Use Shawkea Moxibustion Device

by Shawkea USA |

The moxibustion device is divided into upper and lower parts. (The upper part is for moxibustion stick installation and contains the vent hole.) After separating the upper and lower parts, the moxibustion handle or the waist strap can be secured in the lower part of the device (where metal meshes is at).

※When the moxibustion handle is installed, Open the handle slightly wider (making the loop slightly bigger) so it can easily set on the moxibustion device.

※Please install the moxibustion handle at the very bottom of the lower part of the device.

※Please do not apply too much force to the moxibustion handle.


Ignition of moxibustion stick

Inserts the moxibustion stick into the metal stick holder which is in the middle of the upper part of the device.

※ Immediately after the moxibustion stick is ignited with a lighter, gently blow onto the stick, which helps speed up the ignition of the moxibustion agent.

※Avoid burns during the ignition process.

※Avoid excessive flames during the ignition process to avoid burning damage to the moxibustion device which is made of wood.

Install the upper and lower parts of the warm moxibustion device. The holes on the upper part of the moxibustion device is for ventilation, so be careful not to block it. If you repeatedly turn the device up and down, dust will come out from the lower part. Be cautious about lower part of the device to avoid dust contacting skin or other body parts.

Use the lower part of the moxibustion device to warm acupuncture point.



  • Warm acupuncture points for no more than 30 minutes.
  • In order to prevent chances of burns, you may wear a thin layer of clothing or apply a thin layer of gauze at local treatment area on your body.
  • Do not block the venting holes on the upper part of the moxibustion device.
  • After the upper and lower parts are installed together, you will hear a clicking sound, indicating that it has been tightly closed.
  • This device cannot be used near the eyes or mucous membrane.



  • Prior to moxibustion applying turpentine cream on moxibustion targeted areas will make moxibustion treatment more effective. Turpentine cream improves blood circulation, has anti-oxidation effect, and promotes the heat and the herbal agent better penetrating into the body for optimized effectiveness.
  • Moxibustion applied to both ears simultaneously will achieve best therapeutic results, including releasing stress .
  • To make your body more easy to conceive, it is recommended to apply moxibustion at the three pregnancy acupuncture points called Shenque, Guanyuan and Qichong.