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"Dr. Shawkea"

by Shawkea USA |

Dr. Shao Hui is the founder of Shawkea serial products. He excels at improving egg quality, improving ovarian function, and cultivating body with better chance for pregnancy.

For a long time, Dr. Shao Hui has devoted himself to the research and treatment of infertility. After years of development and experimentation, the active ingredient Shawkea T- 1 was finally extracted from Chinese herbal medicine. Through rigorous biomolecular and genetic testing, this ingredient can increase the number of hormone receptors, activate receptor activity, regulate hormone secretion and maintain its balance; normalize thyroid hormone function by regulating TSH; improve blood flow, and provide sufficient energy to the mitochondria, thus greatly improving the success rate of infertility treatment. 

In 1998, Dr. Shao, Hui founded the “Japan National Union Infertility Psychological Counseling Society”. This Society is a public welfare association composed of professional with pharmacists who are from Japan nationally. The Society regularly organizes Chinese and Western Medicine Learning and Research forum and has trained a large number of professional pharmacists with knowledge of infertility treatment utilizing Chinese and Western medicine. They have provided effective help to thousands of infertility patients.

Dr. Shao, Hui helps the couples with advanced age to adjust their bodies before pregnancy and effectively improve their physical fitness, thus greatly improve success rate of natural pregnancy and IVF treatment.

This kind of comprehensive adjuvant therapy for the purpose of cultivating fertile bodies has opened up new areas for infertility treatment and has been widely recognized in the field of reproductive medicine in the world.


Bio for Dr. Shao, Hui

Shawkea serial products inventor: Dr. Shao, Hui

1984 BS, Beijing Chinese Medicine College

1992 PhD, Japan Osaka University

Current position:

Medical Advisor: Hanabusa Women’s Clinic in Japan

President: Japan Infertility Psychological Counseling Society

Health Lecturer for Japan NHK and Asahi Culture

Board Member: Hanabusa IVF in U.S.

President: International (Japan) Chinese Medicine Promotion Association