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Shawkea T-1 Balances Endocrine Hormone

by Shawkea USA |

Shawkea T-1  can stimulate the secretion of reproductive hormones in mice and increase the number of ovulation in aged mice.

Derun Medical Research Institute Co., Ltd. Shaohui; Nozaki Toshiaki; Osaka City University Gynecology Department Honda Kenichi

  • Shawkea T-1 activates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, regulates and balances the secretion of hormones, increases ovulation and promotes egg growth.
  • Shawkea T-1 could help increasing sperm quantity and quality.

After 6 weeks of treatment with Shawkea T-1 (DT-1E) in mice, it was found that the mice receiving DT-1E had significantly higher ERα, ERβ, and PR mRNA in the uterus and FSHR mRNA in the ovary compared to the mice injected with gonadotropin. From the results of the immunoassay, it was also shown that the above-mentioned receptor protein levels was increased in the  DT-1E group. The oral administration of DT-1E to the middle-aged mice confirmed the increase in the number of eggs in the fallopian tubes. This experiment also showed that DT-1E has the potential to be used in clinical treatment of reproductive hormone disorders.